Wednesday, January 21, 2009

File Under "What NOT To Do": NC Woman Refuses Tow, Kicks Officer In Groin

Here's the Lexington Dispatch story:

A woman allegedly assaulted a Lexington police officer Friday night after being arrested for refusing to have her car towed.

Terri Marie Gaither, 26, of 148 Clay St., No. 4, in Linwood, was charged with assault on a government official and resisting arrest. According to a Lexington Police Department report, officer Johnny Young Jr. pulled Gaither over at South Main Street and Eighth Avenue in Lexington for a revoked license plate. Gaither was also found to have no insurance.

According to the report, after she was given time to have someone tow her car, Gaither was unable to find someone and the officer called Wayne Fine’s Auto Repair & Towing, the wrecker service on top of the LPD’s rotating list of tow trucks they use.

The tow truck arrived to tow Gaither’s 1998 burgundy Plymouth Breeze, but she sat on the hood of her car. Officer Young and Officer K.R. Englund warned her if she didn’t get off the car she would be arrested. She still refused.

Young and Englund then asked Gaither to place her hands behind her back. She got off the car, and the officers grabbed her by each wrist, placing her under arrest. According to the report, a scuffle then broke out and Gaither began to fight the police officers, hitting or kicking Englund in the groin. She was detained and the police brought her to the Davidson County Detention Center under a $4,000 secured bond. Her court date is set for March 17.

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