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Monday, December 8, 2008

***SO, BILL GOT ME...*** Two Online Towing & Recovery Forums Announce Merger

12/9/08 Update: LOL! Seems that there's actually NO merger going on. The real story: Bill cornered Ron at the Baltimore Show and snapped this shot. Bill made up the following story a la "War of the Worlds." -Cyndi

Here's the post from
Ron Parrish aka "TowZone" & Big Bill Weihrouch, aka "SkyForum" met in Baltimore this last weekend to discuss the merger of the towing industries two largest towing & recovery forums.

The new forum will retain the TowTalk name and include tow411's tag line of "The Towing Information Network"

According to Ron Parrish, tow411 has lost sight of its original goals and has become a powerhouse for the advertisers dollar. He states he can no longer, in good conscience, manage a board that does not support the towers & routinely bans members if their ideas and posts aren't in line with the advertisers interests.

"TowTalk has managed to remain completely out of the advertisers reach" says Ron Parrish, "Skyforum (Big Bill) has hit upon a combination of management strategies that have made TowTalk tremendously successful. I am joining his team to try and infuse some of those successes into the membership from tow411" Ron also added "The members of tow411 may be shocked by this as there has been an ongoing feud of sorts between the two boards. I think, however that once they see what we can bring to the table, they will behind Bill and I 100%"

"I've always been impressed with Ron's ability to get the towers onto their computers" says Big Bill, "I think between the two of us, we will be able to do fantastic things for our towing brethren. The day is fast approaching when the general public will understand just how difficult and necessary our services are."

Ron & Bill expect to have the merger complete and operational by the summer of 2009


Anonymous said...

Those of us that have been around towing forums very long know better to believe anything Bill (SkyForum) prints. As usual, this was just another one of his blow hard B.S. posts. He is so self important that he actually thinks people believe what he says. Sad, really.

John said...

All one has to do is consider the source of the post and take it for what it's worth from there, same goes for most of Bill's other posts as well.

Anonymous said...

I seriously thought y'all were smart enough NOT to post anything Bill says. Guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

What a attention whore this bill guy is. Hey look at me I have a forum too. Pay Attention to Me!

Harold67wm said...

Yeah Like that beer drinking moron moose can ever tell the truth, he's just an arogant piece of ... that along with the meter maid friend of his just ticked off cause they would like to try to keep everyone brainwashed...

Paul said...

Really harold you A disgrace to humanity. You have Brainwashed yourself to thinking that these people are the worse people around and you are so Much Better. You are not the hero or savior like your toting yourself to be. Your Arogance has blinded you. Here's a Thought, Go to work and give the Computer a rest.

Pro tower said...

Harold it seems that you have strong feelings against other towers in this profession. Have you met these people in person at all or just going by ???

The rumor is that you have been treated as a guest by members of the board you are so much against now. They have opened up their homes and wallets for you as a comrade.

The question is what did you give back? Anybody with as much military experience as you promote would never be a burden to the honesty and integrity of others as we are now hearing about. Ironically the more anybody speaks against others just makes the viewers question the author that much more......

Anonymous said...

my big question is, if this is a joke then why is it still out there on several boards as a "featured story" without any disclaimers or even comments from the author that it is fake ?

happy hooker said...

I guess some people are just jealous of sucess of other boards and what to try and destroy them anyway they can

ibflat2 said...

I have lots of thoughts about this, but nothing that this "fence rider" says will be either listened to or taken seriously...

Maybe it's time the truth comes out.

John said...

"Maybe it's time the truth comes out."

If the documented truth ever shows it head there will be a very embarrassed individual to say the least, but then again maybe not as he keeps trying to push things to a head as if he does not know any better or maybe he simply believes everything he has conjured up about himself.

Anonymous said...

There is only one person in the world that has less credibility than Bill, and that person would be Harold.

All you have to do is ask any one of his numerous former employers.

Bill and Harold. What a pair.

Anonymous said...

To bad the story is'nt true, 411 could finally get back to working for the towers instead of for the money. Crude remarks about a members wife would never be tolerated on other tow forums like in the moose room and than in private chats he says i hope she dies. Than theres the taking of money from motor clubs to match memebers ip addy's to user names so clubs can get revenge and keep providers under control. Face the truth tow411 has sold its soul and membership to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

I thought tow411 was for the towers? but after hearing of all their top secret rooms, members just dissapearing with no explanation, maybe it is time for new ownership.Makes you wonder what happened to the old tow411 where members opinions really mattered. Than i find out money i donate never goes where its supposed after a cut is taken.

Anonymous said...

i thought the story was kind of nice. how often do you see towzone smile, its obvious he did'nt mind. it would have been nice if the other guy held up a tow411 shirt.
i guess as people get older they lose their sense of humor or maybe just work to hard to enjoy life for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Well the ONLY board that Charges members either a "patron fee" or "sponsorship fee" is Tow411, ALL the others are free and really for towers and not "advertisers", Where does all the money go that they keep begging for and taking from the towing industry? Yuku only charges $54.00 per year for an "Ad Free"Gold Community"... Where does all the other money go???

towpo said...

Ibflat says talk about the truth, well heres some truth for all the non-believers and 411 loyalist like myself.Bill(skyforum)purchased some sofware from a tow411 vendor and the program did'nt work like they advertised and they could'nt resolve the problem or make a refund. in a private chat with another member Bill was reported to towzone by the mod and the following day banned for life. i argued with Ron what are you doing your supposed to help the members, his reply? Vendors come before members.

Paul said...

Why is that the only Leg you 411 Haters have to stand on is where the money goes ?

Nobody twists your arm to be a Sponsor! 411 IS A FREE SITE! Any one can Join and It's free. It is right for Advertiser's to pay. It's keeps them in check and makes them want to devote there time to the Towers and there questions. Without it you would have hit and run after hit and run. That's why it works so well.

If you think all the money goes into someone's pocket , You mave have ridin the short bus in your school days. The amount of Ignorance on these boards or certain People have is just unbelievable. I Can't understand why you people hang around the Board and chat like 80 year old women about how much you hate everyone. Just close up shop and do everyone a Favor , you certainly are not Helping the Industry.

Paul said...

I don't know about that Bill thing, I was not around. It does seem then Vendor should come First in a Sense. It will draw the People to Site when you have acredited Vendor. It also keeps the Member safe as so the Member does not get bent over. It seems there are Many happy People takin care by 411 vendors. One thing I did notice with the Exception of AWdirect, Those other Boards have some Shady Vendors, But really even those vendors are never around. Go to 411 and ask a Vendor a question ,you almost have a answer within minutes. Can't beat that.

Ok Good luck To the other boards!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the largest problem with towing period.

The Truth. What is the truth? What we hear? What we see? What is told from one to the other???

What we tell ourselves separate from what actually happened? A partial truth used for a lie is still a lie no matter how it is dressed up. I can see these examples above as more of the standard one part truth rest bs.

Anonymous said...

Tow411 has been the greatest tool I have ever found in the towing and recovery business. I have learned so many things that have made me a safer and smarter operator. I could never repay those that made 411 possible; the moderators and administrators.

With the creation of this other board, I fail to see it as nothing more than a "whine and cry" board. Somebody waws banned and decided they would create something to get even with 411, and it has done nothing but seperate the industry.

The sad thing is a handfull of people, who couldn't play well with others, have started a war that cannot be won.

My suggestion to ALL those who participate in boards: "Pick one and move on." You are spending your valuable time reading all this garbage. Pick your board and be loyal. There is a lot for everyone to learn, and it isn't in grade school.

john said...

"Yuku only charges $54.00 per year for an "Ad Free"Gold Community"... Where does all the other money go???"

I'm not sure of the entry level cost of yuku gold but it can very well be this low but once you start getting millions of hits and thousands upon thousands of post then the charges get up to the thousands of dollars for the yearly fee for the use of bandwidth the same as on any host site, don't believe me just ask them so from that point of view I'd like to see the new board expand in a hurry.

Truth be know all the more power to them if they do, what is not needed is the childish banter back and forth from both sides or the hateful posts of a few again from both sides (just to make it even and not point fingers) or the newest which is the registration of tow411.whatever and posting it for sale after directing members to it to do an introduction, why would you use another domain name to have your members introduce themselves and by the numbers posted by the company hosting the sale you have a whopping 82 visitors (I have no idea of how many actually did an introduction)in the last 31 days.

Take the time that is available to you to grow a good site about towing using who ever would like to join you, concentrate on building that site with out trying to tear down, or belittling others, you may find that more productive than the course you have set sail on since the launch of your board.

We're all grown ups or supposed to be why not act like, it read and post where you want and leave others who choose to be different alone regardless of where they want to roost at.

No one here is going to make any one else change

Anonymous said...

as far as any war between boards.that in itself is a crock!..this whole mess was started by the admins of 411...anything that was ever thrown at other boards was answered and ultimately blew up in the issueing admisitrators far as what you folks call a pissing match between all need to grow up.these boards are a great value to this industry and we can and should learn all we can from them.and the only infighting i see is from the 411 side.they are the ones who have banned their own members and continualy do so simply because they showed and intrest in another board... and that bash session the other night in the lemonade stand was un called for, as well as the threats from da moose in his room. not to mention the mud and threats flying around the owners room, so if your looking for the division asspect of the argument.there you have.look at 411...not the others....we are in this together folks and the sooner you all grow up and realize this we will be better stop all this crap and get it together.because other than that you are truly showing your ignorance as well as misgued loyalty.i for one am loyal to this industry.not the boards.when they start dragging this industry down i will walk away and that will be that.i use these boards as tools.look in your tool box.with one tool you really can not acomplish anything.when your box has many tools you can acomplish anything. i am going to post this anonymously because this is all i have to say about it and to quote someone who turned the light all need to sit back and take a long hard look at yourselves.your not going to like what you have become.

Anonymous said...

I think you people need to grow up. A bunch of babies.........For those of you who support 411 you need to wake up........I agree there is alot of good information on there.......but if your not in the little "click" on there your treated like a redheaded step child.....ibflat you are a fence rider i have seen your 2 faced posts....if 411 was a true message board maybe you would'nt have to be in the click to have the "special rooms" where they talk about you towers that join and are not in the "click" or paying member status what ever you want to call it......IF YOU PAY YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU WANT....

Bill Weihrouch said...

Blah Blah Blah ...

Yes, I set Ron up, yes, he smiled because I cornered him once again for a photo that would create controversy and yes, I created the "War of the Worlds" News story. It's a Baltimore tradition.

Everyone knows I do not agree with how Ron runs his board. I told Ron if he banned me, I would never be back and in fact, I never have logged back into 411.

I posted in an earlier post on that I was finally going to explain what happened and the reason I was banned. I also basically told Ron to call me in a public post or else. I have decided since that time that I am not going to do that and hereby recant that post. It goes against everything I have tried to create for TowTalk and I now wish I had never made it. It is easy to be sucked up into this dookie and for a brief moment, I allowed it to happen to me. My apologies Ron for that and for exacerbating the situation.

I do not, however, apologize for the news story or the photo. We all need to lighten up a little and you have to admit, that was some funny dookie! It's too bad that members from my forum and members from Ron's forum (tow411) sought to use it as a vehicle to continue their childish behavior.

Months before I got into the scrap with Ron and was banned, I had already decided to create TowTalk. In fact, if you do a little homework, you will find I owned that name nearly 6 months before I parted company with 411.

The parting of the ways was the kick in the pants I needed to get started. It was NOT, however, the reason I created TowTalk. Parrish the thought!

I wanted to create a new type of board, one that targeted owners more than drivers. I felt that a slightly different management style would result in a lot less horseplay and a lot more focus on the tasks at hand, running a towing company. After more than 3 years, I am going to say that we were 100% successful. TowTalk has become far better than I could ever have imagined. You noticed I said we. I could not have created such a great towing & recovery portal without the help of all the current and past members of TowTalk. Thanks guys! (and gals)

Come to & look around. Although there are a few posts about 411, you will be hard pressed to find any content worthy of reading on that subject. Myself and my members just don't waste any time on things that are not relevant. Well, I guess I should say, most of my members.

There have been a few that have stepped over the line on this subject and they have been dealt with. Although I do not ban except for extreme cases, I do have a system to deal with these situations and to this day, it really has worked flawlessly. I have only banned one member out of more than 1700 that have signed up since Aug of 05 and to tell the truth, I banned him within the first week of bringing TowTalk online. I probably could have avoided that one too.

A ban to me is permanent. It is a final resolution after all other avenues have been exhausted. This is where Ron and I differ. Ron likes to place people over his knees and spank (ban) them, then hug them a week later and try to tell his members that he's only doing it cuz he loves them. To me, that's just another form of child abuse. I also do not believe in deleting for content and I will never remove a post for this unless it is racist, sexist or has some other completely unacceptable content. TowTalk does have rules regarding content as I consider it to be a family site.

It is time start standing up for the ideals that the forums are supposed to represent. The biggest one is the idea that information about our industry should be freely flowing between any and all towing & recovery forums and any forum that does not adhere to this policy should not be supported at any level no matter how old it is or how big it is. A site that tries to control the content in it's posts in a vain attempt to bolster it's advertisers sales is like a communist regime who's sole purpose is to work the masses to feed the government. All it will do is damage the industry we all love and embrace.

Remember the reason you got into towing?

Ron. I like to think that on some level, we are still friends. At the very least, we are towing brethren. It is time to start working towards a common cause. I do not have to agree with your management techniques and you don't have to agree with mine but we both have to agree that we have something to offer this industry. Together, we will do much more good than if we are apart.

In that respect, I offer this seed of enlightenment. I will agree to no longer permit any irrational statements about tow411's capability to support the towing industry on my board. It will be met by my staff with swift action. Offending posts will be deleted and offending members once warned. A second violation will result in a permanent ban of that member from TowTalk.

In return, I ask that you agree to the same. Reel in your naysayers. Those that continue to bash other forums or the ideas of free information trading are to be dealt with in the same fashion. Make the warning, if they do it once, warn them. Then enforce the rule with a permanent ban as I have done. I would also ask that you not ban links to articles on towtalk from your pages that have acceptable content. (content that does not have disparaging remarks about 411) or photos from our galleries as you have done in the past. Your fight is no longer with me. It is with those that would stymie the free flow of information.

Next time you see me at a show Ron, I promise I will not be carrying a camera or trying to set you up for the "photo op". Instead, I would love to buy you lunch and spend a little time discussing ways we can work together to help our industry grow.

Bill Weihrouch
Skyline Recovery Systems LLP
Administrator & Creator of TowTalk

Anonymous said...

This is not about anything except the lack credibility of Bill Weihrouch/Skyline Recovery.
This lie is his problem. If a person lies once, you can bet that it was not the first one, and it will not be the last one.
He has made himself look stupid in the eyes of the towing professionals.
Surely, the towers that patronize his message board, TowTalk, can not be pleased with his underhanded, childish games. If I was a TowTalk member, I certainly would not want to be associated with that type of stigma.
In this business, a persons reputation is at a premium.
Bill just kicked his reputation so far down a well that it may never see daylight again.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!

Bill's news article was an artfully written, satirical bit of amusing fiction.

I presume he intended to fuel the fires, but the melodramatic posts (from every direction)about lies and wrongdoings are tiresome, regardless of the passionate beliefs and histories behind them.

Big Bill has now posted his (almost) gracious apologies for allowing the "war of the worlds" to become so invasive...and sworn to whack off future saplings of acrimony before they can grow large and looming in his kingdom.

So how about all the rest of us do the same? Practice what we preach, do unto others, all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

huhuhuhuhuh He said "whack off" huhhuhuhu Cool huhuhuhuh /Beavis

Anonymous said...

Once again one part truth and the rest.......

First a critique on banning and deleting posts then telling on how certain topics will be deleted and posters banned???

If that is success then what is failure?

One truth that seems to apply here.

"You can not please all the people all the time".

Anonymous said...

Bill's point, if I read it correctly, is that he's willing to change his policy to stop the madness. He'll delete bashing posts and ban bashing members. A policy change, yes, but one that's clearly spelled out.

411 currently has several conversations bashing other boards and former/banned members. Members that were banned for unknown reasons, I might add.

I participate on both boards and will continue to do so, but I know which one I feel more comfortable on.

Anonymous said...

"Bill's point, if I read it correctly, is that he's willing to change his policy to stop the madness. He'll delete bashing posts and ban bashing members. A policy change, yes, but one that's clearly spelled out.

411 currently has several conversations bashing other boards and former/banned members. Members that were banned for unknown reasons, I might add.

I participate on both boards and will continue to do so, but I know which one I feel more comfortable on."

December 11, 2008 8:18 AM


Anonymous said...

Does the "unknown reasons" mean false reasons?

Ban and restricted are two different things.

Everyone knows that a drivers license is not a given thing, it is a privilege that can be revoked for various reasons. Multiple misdemeanors or felonies are a couple of examples.

Does that mean the SOS is also the "big bad" when they try to protect the majority from the few that break the rules? Rules put into place from past experiences.

The ones that have been "here" from the actual Tow Times site know the why for all the rules. Those that have come in afterwords cannot see that these escapades are just a continuation of that mayhem.

At first this was funny, now it is just sad. Just like when your failing competitor cannot see why he isn't gaining any ground on your accounts by constantly cutting you down and constantly misleading with teaser rates that have to be raised up to reality rates after they switch over. When the accounts finally realize they are tired of hearing the bs that competitor has to resort to terrorism against the honest co. Seen it here a few times with towing wars over the last 20 years.

Just sad. If you want to know the truth call or just ask. Don't assume the ones doing the accusing are going to be objective about anything. This is a desperate maneuver by those that want more than anything else to cut into the "pie".

Anonymous said...

This bill guy sure has a lot of time on he's hands by the size of he's last post here to do stuff like this. I wish I had this much time to think and write all the shit he comes with. I would do something better like, I don't know, run a company. Find a good cause like saving the whales. But, I see people spending time on crap like this and for what? Attention, money, and fame in a small group of people. Oh, we don't what money? Nothing's Free, everything come's at a price. Even if that price is your reputation from those you hang around with?
To believe everything that people tell you, even when your not in the same room to hear it? From someone you hardly even know?

I'll let you get back to stroking your ego, Mr. Bill, We would not what that to go to waste. No one whats to hear your bs anyway.

Leo said...

why dont you all go home and quit all this bickering......all of you are acting like a bunch of old ladies in a bingo hall....if you thought for one minute this was not a joke.then congratulations .....your a MORON!

all of these boards are an awesome tool for this industry..the admins of each board have the final say on how there run.....if they choose to share..then great!..if not..then....thats their decison......but the way they handle that decison is completely on them......not the other all of you need to grow up and get over was a joke....i saw it the first time i saw the picture...but those of you who let petty jealousy and greed guide you through life will end up nowhere.have a great holiday season and be safe....

Anonymous said...

Coke never talks about Pepsi...

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents

-Tow Talk isnt very relevant, some of the most recent posts in some of the forums are over a year old, Would anyone notice if nothing was posted on there for a month?

-towinfo is full of duplicate posts from tow411, but only about 5% of the total content. Its young, but off to a very rocky start. It feels like a good 'ol boys club with 20 buddies patting each other on the back.

-tow411 - its starting to loose some of its shine. With Rons wife (katkiller?, at least I think shes his wife) in the chat room 24/7 so she can monitor what is said really pisses me off, whats wrong, are we 4 years old? Are you that f-ing paranoid? There is no consistency between moderators, some stuff flies in 1 room and gets immediately closed in others. Any non-positive feedback about any sponsor is met with swift action which makes me question the sites true motives. Is it for the tower or the vendor? The buddy buddy "inside" jokes are pretty lame too, with thousands of members take your inside jokes to your private messaging.

I enjoy all 3 sites, but this is getting stupid. All of These statements are my opinion only, but in fear of getting banned from tow411 i choose to remain anonymous (at least I hope to remain so)

harold67wm said...

Why does everyone have t hide thier idenity? Why can they NOT post with thier names(screen names)... and stand up behind thier comments, makes you wonder who is telling the truth and how has things to hide... I do know that TowZone has personnally told people that EVERY other board has or will fail and that he will see to it... is 3 1/2 yrs old now and over 1400 actual members and has only ever banned one person... doesn't sound like failure... is less that two months old and over 190 members and over 5500 post and close to 4000 views per day... doesn't sound like failure... OH yeah, the claim of "duplicate post from 411"... look at the times, also where is the only "Donnie Award" recovery posts at?
Also what good does it do for this industry for the Admin of a board to tell members that they are not welcome on a board or are limited 'cause they choose to be part of "another sandbox"... I do have PMs to support that...
It is time that all this BS stops, and everyone work toward the ultimate goal of improving this industry...
I also want to apoligize for my previous post on here, as it was uncalled for

Harold67wm Admin/owner , Admin

Paul said...

Why do care if people Post Anonymous ??? What are you going to do with that Info ?

You seem like you have a fair amount of Questions there ? You should contact the Board admin for those answers.

Now about the other boards , They may still be around But they have failed. How? Here's how..1400 members for towtalk ? Really How about the big picture huh ? 7-8 Members at any given time post. I think i saw 20 Members on once. Posts so old they may be as old as the board itself. So really stop sugar coating it.

411 will run the board the way they feel best Why do you got to knock it so much ?
By the way I'm not saying my observation is true , But it's just my observation and really if you really want to move toward the Ultimate goal then stop bringing it up. Let the members sort it out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, I post as Anonymous anywhere that will let me, because I don't want to be signed on with every single site on the net, I don't have a google/blogger ID, or a yuku ID, etc, etc....and in all fairness, there may be others who post that way for the same reason.

But most of the posts here under Anonymous carry a tone that indicates a high level of acrimony, judgement and passionate opinion...But no personal responsibility or accountability for their comments, accusations, or general rudeness, because they post anonymously. How convenient.

What a bunch of totally cowardly and juvenile posters. Regardless of your opinion, if you had the strength of your convictions, you'd at least identify yourselves.

(just a tower that wishes our industry wasn't so full of rude, hard-headed, narrow-minded, loudmouthed jerks.)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like bashing anonymous posters anonymously. You are the type of hypocrite that is at the root of this whole problem. I dont wish to be banned from 3 different tow sites, which is why im here anonymously. It seems as if the "dont let the door hit ya on the way out" attitude is the prevailing way to solve problems on tow_ _ _, well good luck showing 30 - or so anonymous members the door.

Leo said...

Where have i heard that before!............lmao......y'all should check out's grown folk's there that actually act grown.....and you never have to worry about a doornob getting shoved in yer ass!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Nothing like bashing anonymous posters anonymously." Unquote

Wow. Perhaps you should read more carefully.

I SIGNED my post, with my screen name, used elsewhere within the industry. YOU may not know who I am, but some of the posters on this thread do, and are familiar enough with my input to know the post is legitimate.

I'm pretty sure that eliminates the possibility of "anonymously bashing" other posters. Which, in turn, makes the accusatory post especially petulant.

Anonymous said...

This Blog sucks. There's no one but assholes commenting on this blog.

Harold 67wm said...

Yep... Because all you get out of the ones that are scared to put thier names(screen names) to what they say are nothing but LAIRS, and if you notice... they only ones that are that way are from tow411, how can you believe something that someone says if they can not identify thierselves??? are they hiding something? are they not able to be honest? IF they are not "Full of it", why would they hide as "Anonymous"???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Still my best piece of work.

Skyforum, aka Big Bill Weihrouch