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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everyday Towing Hero Cited for Rescue

Way to go!!! Here's the story from Canada's The Gazette (Montreal):

Tow truck driver Daniel McCluskey received a certificate of merit from Montreal Police for his action last June which led to the safe recovery of a 3-year-old girl who was in the back seat of a car that had been stolen.

"I only did pretty much what anybody else would have done," McCluskey, who has been a tow truck driver for 15 years, said in a telephone interview.

McCluskey was on the job last June 10 and heard the police call about a stolen car with a child in the back seat. The owner of the vehicle had gone into a d├ępanneur in Dorval to pay for gas when the car was stolen, police said. The robber likely did not notice the toddler in the back seat.

McCluskey spotted the stolen car at the corner of 32nd Ave. and Provost St. in Lachine.

"Mr. McCluskey called police and then went up to the suspect, who ran away," said Montreal Police Constable Ann Mathieu of Station 5. "The young girl was found safe and sound in the car."

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