Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tow Truck Santa in FL

Here's the wmbb.com story:
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Callaway, Fla:

Children in Callaway get a very special wake up call Saturday morning, as Santa makes the rounds right by their front doors.

For the last five years, Gulf County Wrecker Service has driven Santa Claus around the town to throw goodies to the kids and wish everyone “Merry Christmas”.

Kids could wave to Santa right from their own front lawn. It’s an event neighborhood children look forward to during the holidays.

This was the first “Pop White Memorial Santa Run”, named in honor of a member of the community.

Santa says there’s one reason they do this every year.

“The smile on the kids’ faces, that’s what it’s all about. There’s nothing like the smile on a child’s face when he sees Santa Claus. It beams, and there’s no light in the universe that can outshine that beam,” says Santa.

The wrecker service says they hope to carry on the tradition for many years to come.

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