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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Rash of Not-So-Bright Decision-Making...

Third place goes to an Illinois man who nearly mowed someone over as he stole his car back from the impound lot where it had been towed. Read the story here.

Second place goes to an Ohio man who drove his 1996 Chevrolet off a moving tow truck after it been towed. (I can only imagine that the damage to his car was probably more than the tow itself!) Read the story here.

Grand Prize goes to a 22-year old tow truck driver in the South Jersey city of Pleasantville for
a) going around a stopped car while
b) ignoring the flashing lights at the railroad crossing to
c) drive over the tracks in his flatbed truck with
d) a passenger to
e) get hit by the slow-moving freight train, which
f) caused him to spin out and
g) hit and injure three pedestrians on the roadside.

Thankfully, no one was critically-injured. Read one story here and another here.

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