Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quick Clearance is Good... Part 2

Just don't drive recklessly to do it!

Two TX wrecker operators responding to a police scene were arrested for reckless driving themselves. Below is an excerpt from the story. Read the whole story here.

Police arrested two wrecker drivers, accusing them of reckless driving while getting to the scene.

Christopher Glenn Hermis, 21, and Jose Atruro Herrera, 30, were both taken into custody.

Herrera has a criminal record.

Both of the drivers’ towing licenses were suspended and could be revoked for a year after a special hearing.

“Something like this puts us 100 miles back to where we started,” Jeanette Rash of the Texas Towing and Storage Association said.

Rash applauded the arrests.

“It sends a signal to drivers to stay out of what’s not your business,” she said.

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