Friday, March 28, 2008

More news for Texas - TRAA Certification Testing Goes Online For Tow Operators There!

A true milestone for the National Driver Certification Program, TRAA has announced that online application and testing are available for the state of Texas.

In response to legislation passed in Texas late in 2007 requiring Texas towers to take the TRAA exam, TRAA has designed and implemented an online testing program using the testing facilities of LaserGrade, a nationwide testing company.

Applicants for Texas can now go to the TRAA web site, click on the picture of Texas and go straight to the Texas certification page where they will be able to download an application and receive directions via zip code to the nearest LaserGrade testing site.

TRAA will monitor this program closely for the first year and then determine whether it will go nationwide with the process. This is a huge step for TRAA, its National Driver Certification Program and forTexas.

TRAA Education Chair, MikeScott, stated, "This really takes us into the 21st century and we are very proud to have been able to meet this long awaited goal!"

Visit the TRAA web site

TRAA is the national towing association serving the towing and recovery industry. Its education and legislative efforts serve its members, the affiliated state associations and the towing industry as a whole.Contact: Harriet Cooley 703-684-7713

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