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Saturday, December 8, 2007

"How the Grinch Towed Christmas"

Gotta say it... Bad headline for this story in the The Standard of Maclenny, FL about a private property towing incident prior to a parade, especially since it seems that Kenny and Kirk Miracle of Miracle Towing and Recovery went waaay above and beyond (see highlights I made in the story below). Should have been "How Two Miracles Saved Christmas."

How the Grinch towed Christmas

Twenty-five automobiles lined the outskirts of a parking lot on Friday night. By Saturday quite a few less faced Macclenny Avenue. Instead some early parking parade goers found their vehicles lined along side a fence in a tow yard, instead of a front row seat they thought they occupied.

Some found themselves a little confused when they arrived in the CVS Pharmacy parking lot on Saturday, only to find the vehicle they parked early to avoid the crowd was gone, towed at the request of CVS Management.

Kenny and Kirk Miracle of Miracle Towing and Recovery pulled into the parking lot of the local pharmacy late Friday night ready to tow over 25 vehicles that took up well over one third of the parking lot. When they recognized several of the vehicles they called the owners and informed them that their car/ truck was next to go. A total of four cars were towed on Friday night and two more on Saturday morning.

When Kirk Miracle got the call, he and his brother both knew the appropriate signs had to be displayed stating that the parking lot was a tow away zone. Miracle relayed to a store manager that by Florida law before you tow vehicles, signs were to be placed around the property so that owners would not call law enforcement to report their vehicles stolen. However, the management insisted that his company tow the vehicles before the signs were up.

Several signs were placed on the property letting drivers know the parking lot was a tow area zone, but it was to late for six owners. When word spread that vehicles were being towed many rushed to recover theirs before it was carted away.

As for the six that 'didn't get away,' Miracle cut them a deal and only charged $45 in fees. CVS management did not return our calls.

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