Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fuel Costs Crushing MA Towing Companies...

...with no relief in sight from the Department of Public Utilities, according to a recent press release from the Statewide Towing Association or STA.

“The effect of this has been devastating to our industry. The towing industry in Massachusetts is comprised mostly of very small “Mom and Pop” operators”, said William Johnson, President of the Statewide Towing Association, an organization representing many of the State’s towers in Massachusetts. “These operators have been handcuffed by the inaction of the DPU. While operating costs have skyrocketed with the higher fuel costs, state regulators have been unable to develop a fair system for developing a fuel surcharge. Without approval by state regulators, the towing industry is unable to adjust to compensate for the higher fuel prices.”

Read the full press release and timeline of action here.
Learn more about the Statewide Towing Association at To learn more about the fuel surcharge issue, contact William Johnson at or call 413-575-3104.

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