Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vintage International Wrecker

I came across some nice pictures of this 1931 International equipped with a Manley hand crank on Tow411.net. It's owned by Dennis Lynch of A&A Towing in Reno, NV. According to Dennis in his post, it has the original engine and transmission. "It's all there right down to the split wheel rims. And it came with the work order to install the Manley hand crank in 1936. As well as the original title on the chassis from 1931." He was trying to get an assessment on its value.

I emailed Dennis to ask his permission to post a picture here and to see if he had come up with a dollar value on it. He replied that, based on the responses, that it was difficult to put a number on it, but probably in the $25-$30,000 range. (Thanks, Dennis!)

See his original posts with two other pictures of the wrecker here.

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