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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Association News from Southwest Tow Operators, Statewide Towing Association of MA, Ontario Recovery Group

Southwest Tow Operators: A year after its formation, Southwest Tow Operators has announced that it now has 100 members following the San Antonio Tow Expo in early August. During the show, the group hosted a compliance seminar concerning the new Texas Towing Act. Representatives from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation or TDLR presented an overview of the legislation received in June. Harriet Cooley, Executive Director for the Towing and Recovery Association of America, was also present to cover information on the newly-required driver certifications. A videotape of the presentation will be available to association members and an update will be given by the TDLR at the April 2008 San Antonio Tow Expo. For more information, contact Joann Messina by email to or call 972-247-9454.

Statewide Towing Association of Massachusetts: William Johnson, president of the Statewide Towing Association of Massachusetts, was interviewed for a BostonNOW story recently. Tow operators are requesting that the MA Department of Public Utilities allow a fuel surcharge to be added to the regulated price of non-consensual tows. Read the full story here.
Gotta love the bit of editorializing that the writer, Christopher Loh, does here: "
A fuel surcharge could increase already-expensive prices for tows that occur when a car is left in an area where is not allowed to be parked."

Ontario Recovery Group:
Doug Nelson, Executive Director for the Ontario Recovery Group, was interviewed by Today's Trucking, a website for Canada's trucking industry. Nelson's been busy promoting respect for the industry and providing towing tips for truckers. Way to go, Doug!

"At the Canadian Fleet Management Seminar (CFMS) in Toronto this past spring -- as he will in the presence of anyone who will listen -- Nelson offered truckers advice on how to minimize the costs of towing and recovery.
He has prepared guidelines for trucking companies who want to ensure their fleets get towed efficiently and most cost-effectively. And the tips range from things you can do when you're actually spec'ing your vehicles to business practices that will ensure prompt and professional service when the time to tow arrives."

Read the full story here.

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