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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bicycling Repo Man; Everyday Heroes; Tow Tater Vandalized

We're all concerned about our health, right? Here's a cool story in The Commercial Appeal about Larry Anderson, a Tennessee repo man, who used two wheels to do something about his health. Read the full story here.

West Virginia Tow Truck Driver and Police Officers Risk Lives, Rescue Man. Don Atkinson of Ace Garage and Wheeling, WV police officers went to the assistance of a man trapped in a burning vehicle. Disregarding the risks to their own safety, the five men stayed with the accident victim and protected him from the flames as best they could until firefighters arrived to put out the blaze and extricated the badly-injured man. Read The Intelligencer report here.

California Tow Truck Drivers Honored for Saving Police Officer's Life. Earlier this month, the California Highway Patrol awarded certificates of commendation to tow truck drivers Leon Vires and Michael Winter. The two towers came to the assistance of Officer Mike Remmel after he was struck by a car on the highway in January 2006. Remmel lost both legs as a result of the incident, but is still working for the CHP. Read the full story from here.

What's up with some people? Tow Tater, the 1951 International boom truck that inspired "Mater" in the 2006 Pixar animated movie Cars, was vandalized at its Route 66 gas station in Galena, KS earlier this month. Read the Route 66 News post here.

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