Wednesday, August 22, 2007

towPartners Announces "Tow Institute"

A new towing industry training school called “Tow Institute” has been announced by towPartners. The goal of Tow Institute is to bring together Field Operations training with hands-on instruction and Business Management training.

Students will register for a preferred study track, plus a variety of elective classes, during the two-day educational sessions (Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday) that will launch in 2008.

Five events have been scheduled:

March 14-16 in Phoenix, AZ

May 2-4 in Philadelphia, PA

July 11-13 in St. Louis, MO

September 5-7 in Seattle, WA

October 17-19 in Atlanta, GA

Tow Institute is operated by towPartners and is sponsored by Jerr-Dan Corporation, Sprint Nextel Corporation and Aramark Uniform Services.

Classes are open to towing operators, business owners, managers, office staff and any others interested in the towing industry. Instructors include Rick Chron, John Borowski, Michele Godwin, Jeb Blount, Grant MacQuilkan, and Jeffrey Godwin.

The class registration fee is $595 per student. If there are three or more students registering, the fee is reduced to $500 per student. The class fee covers classes, workshops, handouts, breakfast, lunch and evening receptions.

Click here to learn more about Tow Institute.

Click here to learn more about towPartners.

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