Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nice Press In IN

Here's the story from www.jconline.com:

Jim Poe started his business in 1973 on a part-time basis from the back of a pickup truck.
"I was working for a car dealership at the time, and started running road service," said Poe, the owner of Jim's Garage in Lafayette, which provides 24-hour emergency road service and towing, jump-starting of vehicles, lock-out service and tire service.
Nearly 40 years later, the family business -- his wife and two of their children also work there -- has expanded to 25 employees and 25 vehicles that include big wreckers, flatbeds and other tow trucks.
J&T Recovery Inc., which was added about six years ago, primarily does vehicle repossession work.
It's a career that keeps Poe and his employees on the move -- days, nights and weekends.
"You can't be in this business from 8 to 5. Vehicles break down all the time," he said.
Occupation: Small business owner.
Business name: Jim's Garage Inc. and J&T Recovery Inc.
What you do: "We do repos and recovery work, including semi recovery," Poe said. "We do dealership hauling and work with almost every guest card or motor club on the market today. We do a lot of towing for people that don't have club service. We provide road service for tractor-trailers and then we can tow them. We get called to all kinds of accidents."
What you used to do: Poe worked for a number of local car dealerships, including a stint as service manager at Twin City Dodge.
A typical day: "I'm in here at 8 a.m., opening up. Depending on what runs through the day ... we're on call 24 hours a day."
Why you started the business: "Because I wanted to work for myself, like everybody."
What's new: "A few years ago they came out with a fully hydraulic wrecker. You don't even have to get out of the truck. You just push buttons. It's quite a bit different than what it was when we started out."
Latest accomplishment: "We opened J&T Recovery. Every day I work, and there's more work."
Biggest sacrifice you've made for the business: "In the beginning when we started everything, you were on call. It was day and night, 24 hours. You had to go when there was after-school stuff and the kids were little ones. But if you want something to work, you've got to work at it."
What you've learned: "We learn something new every day. No two calls are the same. People who tell you they know it all don't know it all."
Best business advice received: "Do your job right the first time. Take care of your customers."
Best advice you can offer: "Regardless of what business you're going to go into, do your best every day. Get up the next day and do your best again."
Moment you knew you'd made it: "I don't know that you ever make it. Nobody knows it all. You get up the next day and keep on going."
Others say: "It's a tough job. Those guys come out when we call them or when the public calls them for assistance, 24 hours a day," Sgt. Kim Riley with the Indiana State Police in West Lafayette said about Poe and other employees at Jim's Garage. "It's not a lot of fun to be out there in the blowing snow or 2 feet of water."
Getting in touch: Jim's Garage Inc. is at 1770 N. Ninth St. in Lafayette. The website is www.jimsgarage.com, and the phone number is (765) 447-2626
J&T Recovery Inc. is at 2400 N. Ninth St. in Lafayette. The website is www.jandtrecovery.com, and the phone number is (765) 742-5289

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