Monday, July 18, 2011

Driver In Tow Truck Driver's Death Pleads Not Guilty

Driver In Tow Truck Driver's Death Pleads Not Guilty
Here's the story:

Detra Farries has pleaded not guilty in the dragging death of Allen Rose.
Her not-guilty plea shocked members of the tow truck community.

"She terrorized a whole community...she terrorized a whole community with her actions," Ron Archuleta with Absolute Towing said.
Her trial has been set for November 7. The defense plans to file a motion for change of venue. The hearing for that will be held in September.
Farries has been charged with vehicular homicide, manslaughter, and leaving the scene of the accident, among other charges.
Investigators say Allen Rose was trying to tow Farries' SUV back in February when Farries jumped in and drove off.
Rose was dragged for more than a mile before he came loose from the SUV and landed in the street. He died a short time later.
A couple who saw the dragging happen decided to follow the SUV and called 911, eventually leading Colorado Springs Police to a spot where Farries pulled over.
They spoke exclusively with KKTV 11 News about the incident, saying God told them to keep following Detra's SUV that day.
"The police told us to stop pursuit, but we (were) like, we can't, we can't," said the woman.
Farries' bond has been reduced from $50,000 to $25,000. Her family tells 11 News that they are trying to get donations from the public to help her get out of jail.
"Even to bring it down to $25,000, that's a win for us, but it's still a hard situation for something of this nature," Farries' cousin Bruce Knight said. "I understand and really do grieve for the family on the other side of the situation, but there's a family on my side of this...we're grieving, we're going through a lot as well."
Knight tells 11 News that the family was expecting a bigger bond reduction.
Our 11 News crew in the courtroom says family and friends of Rose looked stunned at the court's decision to lower Farries' bond. They were too distraught to comment on the decision.

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