Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Collision Management USA LP Forms New Company

Here's the press release:

Collision Management USA LP, an industry leader in towing and VSF management software, has announced that it has formed a new company under the Collision Management umbrella to manage its dispatch, towing, and storage lot software business. The new company will be known as VTS Systems and will be directly responsible for the development and distribution of the vehicle towing and storage (VTS) software applications, VTS Lite and VTS Classic.
The decision to launch the new company, VTS Systems was made to reflect the company's core business and distance ourselves from auto body repair. When asked, Nigel Pestell a senior partner with the firm said "when we began developing software some 15 years ago, it was our intention to service both the towing and storage lot industry and auto body repair business. However, our success in the tow management software business, limited our ability to service both markets effectively, and we chose to focus on the towing and VSF market. Our goal then, as today, is to earn our clients trust and provide them with a quality product of exceptional reliability, value, and provide the support they deserve. Investing in management software is a long-term commitment and the towing and VSF business is unique. No matter how reliable and easy to use your software might be, in an industry that serves the public 24/7, quick responses, personal service and effective solutions are a must."
Pestell continued, "VTS Systems will continue to collaborate with Auto Data Direct, a leader in electronic certified mail and the developer of multistate MVR access, which was fully integrated into VTS Lite and VTS Classic last September, creating a technological ‘first’ for the industry. Scheduled for introduction in the third quarter of 2011 will be fully automated access to the new federally mandated NMVTIS program reporting both junk and salvaged vehicles to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. This new monthly DOJ mandated reporting became effective for the VSF industry January 2011. More information on NMVTIS can be obtained by visiting www.vts-systems.com or http://www.nmvtis.gov/nmvtis_vehiclehistory.html.  
The towing and VSF industry is undergoing rapid technological change and both VTS Systems and Auto Data Direct are committed to maintain a leadership position in their collaborative products and services, reducing operational costs, and keeping our clients competitive."
A new website www.vts-systems.com along with a software download of VTS Classic is now available online, and visitors to original Collision Management website will be automatically forwarded to VTS Systems, along with e-mails sent to collisionmanagement.com

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