Monday, May 2, 2011

T&R Footnotes' May Digital Edition Now Available Online!

Your May 2011 digital edition of Towing and Recovery Footnotes is now available. Simply click here to instantly begin reading the issue, or click on the features below to read specific articles.
  • Tracking Trucks. The very latest advanced technology for keeping track of your tow trucks and the jobs they are on is captured in this article. These amazing new dispatch and accounting tools will save money on fuel and other equipment, save drive time, and make calls more efficient, as well as provide effective online fiscal accounting and equipment monitoring. This will help you keep up with these fast-moving developments.Page 1
  • Steering Clear. Want to do everything possible to avoid going to court and the wasted time and expense to defend your interests, either as plaintiff or defendant? Here are some tips from the experts on how to avoid costly litigation. Read and heed! Page 11
  • Smart Start-Ups. As the economy gradually improves, towing company owners will want to consider ways to obtain financing for new trucks and other equipment as the banks begin to loosen up on lending. Here are some tips to help you get that loan you need to keep your business thriving and your equipment up to date. Page 17
  • The Advisor. The towPartners Advisor appears monthly in Footnotes. Advisor features advice in all areas of towing, from technical details to business operations. towPartners also offers towers the opportunity for great discounts from many equipment and service vendors. Page 13
Also in this issue: Dennis Wencel's column The Black Book offers important business advice for tow company owners; Short Hauls offers the latest nationwide news about towing and recovery every month; see our schedule of upcoming tow shows and education, such asWes Wilburn's training schedule; and much more. Also, we offer great combo print/online advertising deals that will increase product visibility at a savings over the usual ad rates.
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