Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nelson, Biehl Join Chevron West/West Coast Towing Equipment

Here's the press release:
After 24 years in the Towing/Transport industry, Shawn Nelson, Roseville, California, has joined Chevron West/West Coast Towing Equipment as a sales associate for the Southern San Joaquin Valley. Shawn’s towing career began with his first job as a driver in 1986.  In 1988, he purchased His first truck, towing for local salvage pools and auto auctions, ultimately building his fleet to a 4 truck operation.
After selling his business in 1994, Shawn saw the USA from the seat of a tractor trailer rig, returning to manage a local towing operation after two years. In March of 2000 he opened Nelson Transport, which later became Roseville Towing, a 10-truck operation, including four Chevron 4-car carriers, 5 Chevron two car Carriers, a Chevron 1014, a Holmes light duty wrecker, and several Chevron light duty wreckers, Having sold Roseville Towing in 2009, Shawn now brings his many years’ hands-on towing and recovery experience to his Chevron West customers.

Bringing 30 years of successful sales experience, David Biehl has joined Chevron West’s growing team of energetic sales associates.  A native of San Mateo, California, David majored in business marketing at University of Nevada, Reno, where he attended on a golf scholarship and played for the University Golf team, -  an extra benefit for our golf-loving customers!
David’s sales experience spans a variety of fields, where he has excelled in growing his territories and generating repeated top-earner awards.  David believes his key to success is in building solid relationships with his customers.  His good business sense makes him a valuable asset to his customers, as he can help them make the best equipment choices for their applications and in building a strong, profitable bottom line.
His customers say that David goes above and beyond for his customers, making himself available 24/7, getting back to them promptly and meeting deadlines.  With 24/7 being the rule rather than the exception in the towing industry, David should fit right in!

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