Monday, May 23, 2011

Progress on the Reno Show Truck

From the initial sketches we made earlier, this is the character / dude we created to go on the back of the SidePuller.

If you look close you will notice small holes that surround the slow down sign and also illustrate the flashlight beam. We decided to put L.E.D. lights in those holes that will flash with the warning lights. You will have to keep following along to see what the outer two squares on the panel are going to be.At this point we have not come with a name to describe the Dude we created.

    This photo shows the design team at Idaho Wrecker Sales
at work talking about the feedback you towers gave us on Facebook. In case you were not aware, we asked the friends
of Idaho Wrecker Sales on Facebook to help us design this year's tow truck.
The 1st thing we asked for help with was designing a theme
for the truck. There were many great ideas submitted, from
The John Wayne themed truck to the Transformer truck. Ultimately the winning theme was
Move Over and Slow Down 

This Photo shows the initial sketches we made
showing different ways we could build a Slow Down
Move Over themed truck. After all the ideas were tossed
back and forth we decided there must be a compelling
statement to be made with this truck. Everyday tow truck operators lay their life on the line and it tends to go unnoticed by most of the public. We all felt we should incorporate that when you drive by this truck and it is working on the side of
the road - someone's life is at stake.
We felt having a tow truck operator on the back of the truck would be the best way to add the human element and let
people know that as a tow truck driver - my life is at stake.
You can see our rough sketches of what the character
could look like.
The truck will be unveiled at the Reno Tow Show on June 2nd. For more information, visit

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