Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's A Classic

A tire's lifesaver! Here's the press release:

The most under-used gas mileage saver
Gas prices continue to skyrocket. That means you need to take every opportunity to combat the inflation. One major step one can take to reduce high gas mileage is to ensure proper tire pressure. Bell Automotive’s classic brass tire gauge gives driver’s an old school style and a rugged dependability.
When air pressure is too low it causes unnecessary drag on your car and cause your wheels to have to work harder to get you down the road. When tire’s air pressure is too high, the car may be soaring down the freeway, but with a greater chance of swerving off the road due to a blown out tire, or merely balding the tires at a much higher rate. A tire gauge will permit you to save money on tires and at the pump.
Your father always had one, two or maybe 20 tire gauges hanging around the garage. That is because every driver requires a durable and accurate tire gauge to properly inflate the occasional flat tire, to complete the monthly check up or to fight against absurd gas prices.
This tire gauge has a brass construction and measures five to 60 PSI. A bleeder valve allows the operator to easily adjust air pressure. The tire gauge is branded under its original Victor or Monkey Grip name. So give a new tire gauge a home in your toolbox, glove compartment or emergency truck kit. It may save a tire’s life.

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