Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everyday Tow Hero In Canada!

Kudos to City Wide Towing driver Burt Trihart for saving the day for this stranded motorist and her baby daughter :) Here's the story from the Calgary Sun:

He may not have been wearing tights or driving a tricked-out black car with giant fins, but Burt Trithart is a bona fide superhero to Sarah Simms.
Broken down on the QEII near Airdrie with her five-month-old baby Isabell in the back seat, Simms, 25, sat stuck for 30 minutes last Tuesday morning with cars whizzing by on both sides until Trithart, a driver with City Wide Towing, swooped in to save the day.
“I was in the slow lane because I wanted to merge into Airdrie and my car just died,” said Simms.
After calling her boyfriend and dad for help, Simms sat waiting and said she was shocked by the vitriol shown to her by other drivers.
“A truck pulled up and they unrolled their window so I thought they might have a suggestion because I don’t know about cars,” she said.
“But they just said ‘move your (expletive) car you stupid (expletive),’ so I started bawling my eyes out.”
It was about 10 minutes later that Trithart stopped to make sure everything was OK.
“He said ‘let me pull you off the road,’ then saw I had (Isabell) and he was appalled nobody stopped,” said Simms.
Trithart is a father himself who said he’s had his own car troubles and sat hoping, for the sake of his kids, someone would stop to help sooner rather than later.
He said the new mom seemed stressed and distraught, and when he saw the baby he knew he couldn’t leave her.
“Seeing her daughter definitely tugged at the heart strings,” he said.
“My priority was to make sure her and her daughter were safe; I figured ‘I have the equipment and machinery with me to make sure no one hits her.”
Simms said she was concerned about the cost of having her car towed to her parents’ home in Airdrie, but Trithart told her the ride was on the house.
When Simm’s 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier arrived her parents, her dad soon discovered it had simply overheated.
And after being accosted by several angry drivers, Simms said Trithart restored her faith in humanity.
“In a period of 15 minutes I went from feeling utterly hopeless and having zero faith in the Calgary population to having it completely restored,” she said.

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