Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LienLizard: New Online Auction Site

Here's the press release:

We are a web based, real time automotive auction built specifically for the towing industry.  Our online platform was created to get YOU better prices for all of your vehicles.  We have partnered with automotive dismantlers, scrappers, and recyclers to receive bids on your vehicles via our online auction platform.

We have the capacity to market vehicles of any make, model, and in any condition.  In addition to our list of industry buyers, we also have bidders from the general public who are interested in purchasing fixable vehicles.

Lienlizard Auto Auctions was built by Selover’s Incorporated.   We are a family owned company and have been since our inception in 1941.  We have 2 mechanical shops, a body shop, towing company, lien company, and a registration service.  We understand the difficulties that come with lien sale vehicles.  So we built Lienlizard in order to help get a fair price for our vehicles.  What better way to get a higher price then to put the vehicles online in a real time, competitive bidding environment?  We have seen a 15-30% increase in the sale prices of our vehicles.  Our tow manager is saving several hours/week that he used to spend walking thru the yard showing vehicles to potential buyers.  We have more room to store vehicles for customers that will actually pay their bill.  Overall the auction has helped us make our business more efficient and profitable.

So take a second and give us a try.  Let us prove to you that we can increase your revenues and save you time.  After all, we are “Built by automotive professionals for automotive professionals”If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.
Best Regards,Brad Selover
LienLizard Auto Auctions www.lienlizard.com 

Email to: Brad@Lienlizard.com
(530)-473-5974 ph
(530)-458-7427 fx
(888)-350-4335 toll free


selover19 said...

The link for lienlizard is

Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing & Recovery Footnotes said...

Thanks, Brad!
Link should be fixed in the post now :)