Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Everyday Tow Heroes Honored In NY

Round of applause to tow truck drivers William Murray and John Allen who assisted a police officer who was struggling to arrest a man last June. Here's the excerpt from The Valley News Online story about the city of Fulton's 14th annual awards ceremony:
Two tow truck operators, William Murray and John Allen, received Civilian Service Awards for assisting a police officer who was struggling to arrest a man.

One afternoon last June, an officer responded to a domestic dispute in the parking lot of a local bar. During that investigation one of the bar’s patrons came outside and start screaming and yelling obscenities at one of the people that were involved in the dispute.

The man that was yelling was warned about his conduct and told to move along by the officer on the scene. The man then yelled an obscenity at the officer. As the man was told that he was under arrest, he promptly turned and ran into the bar. The officer followed and confronted the suspect. The man then started to fight with the officer.

While loading a motorcycle to be towed, Murray and Allen saw the officer chase the man into the bar. When they got inside, they saw the officer wrestling with the man and jumped in to help the officer get the man handcuffed. During the struggle, the suspect bit William on the arm while trying to get him to let go.

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