Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Towing Network Launches Nationwide Service

The Towing Network has announced that it has launched a nationwide service as a new partner for the heavy duty towing industry.

The Towing Network operates a nationwide call center located in Brunswick, Ohio, that brings motor carriers to the towing community in a new way. With fair and consistent pricing, the motor carrier customers receive value in consistency for their planning purposes while the towing companies find value as they increase their profitable market share.

The Towing Network has chosen the towSearch Commercial software platform from towPartners to assist in building its network of service providers, as well as to manage work orders and to connect the motor carriers and towing companies through web portals to create new efficiencies in towing dispatch. The towSearch Commercial product was specifically designed for commercial clients and utilizes the highly developed towPartners database system.

The Towing Network is actively looking for partner towing companies with a solid reputation and the ability to serve large motor carrier customers with heavy duty towing, recovery and road service. The Towing Network was established through a strong collaboration of motor carrier executives and some of the best towers in the industry. They were able to build a program that serves the needs of both groups.

The Towing Network is looking for the best towing companies who embody this philosophy. This ensures that The Towing Network is not a “come one, come all” opportunity. For more information on The Towing Network, please check out their website at

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gooseneck hitches said...

If by this they towing companies will provide better towing services and better pricing then am it's a great move.