Wednesday, August 12, 2009

towPartners Launches New Online "Advisor Speaks" Column

Here's the press release:
towPartners announced that its website at now contains a new column feature called “Advisor Speaks” which will provide an informative daily reading piece for visitors and allows members to submit their own pieces. The “Advisor Speaks” has been initially loaded with over fifty pieces that are
TowPartners Launches a New Online Advisor Speaks Column
each less than one page in length.

There will be more pieces added by the towPartners organization in the coming months plus there is a feature that allows members to submit items for the Advisor Speaks. This should allow the system to operate with minimal duplication. The stories are published at random each day and any duplication cannot occur until all of the published pieces have been displayed. This will at least prevent any duplication for the next fifty days and longer as new stories are added. Stories submitted to the system will also be considered for publication in the towPartners Advisor magazine, a quarterly publication to the towing industry that is mailed to the more than 25,000 members of towPartners and repoPartners.

The new Advisor Speaks section of the website will include short items about everything from choosing trucks to business practices with advice and information about all aspects of operating a small business, particularly one in the towing industry. The articles range from information about wreckers to topics of interest to tow truck operators and those who work in the towing industry. Contact : Jeffrey Godwin, towPartners, Keller, TX, 877-401-2345,

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