Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bizarre Events In NY Send Four To Hospital

geez... Here's the story from The Buffalo News:

Four people were taken to the Erie County Medical Center after a bizarre sequence of events Friday afternoon that included two crashes, one involving a Buffalo police cruiser, and a stabbing, according to Buffalo police.

At about 2 p. m., two vehicles were involved in a property-damage accident near Grider Street and Northland Avenue.

Then a fight broke out among drivers for two tow truck companies that showed up to tow one of the vehicles, said Michael J. DeGeorge, Buffalo police spokesman.

“The two tow truck drivers started fighting over the tow, and one of the drivers stabbed another,” DeGeorge said.

The driver who stabbed his competitor drove off in his truck along East Ferry Street, with Buffalo police in hot pursuit, police said.

At East Ferry Street and Winchester Avenue, the police cruiser was cut off by another vehicle making an illegal turn from the wrong lane of traffic, triggering another collision, De-George said.

The driver, an unidentified woman, was cited for an improper turn, failure to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle and driving without a license.

The unidentified officer in the cruiser, the woman who cut him off, the tow truck driver who was stabbed and the competitor who stabbed him wound up in the medical center, where they were all treated for injuries not considered life-threatening.

Tow truck operator Dwayne D. Ferguson, 31, of Norfolk Avenue was charged with felony assault and harassment, police said.

His victim was identified only as Isaiah Washington, no age or address.

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