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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday MO Tow Hero

Round of applause to tow truck driver Jeremy Hurt for helping to save a man who was shot! Here's the news story from KPLR-TV:
ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - A local tow truck driver may have saved the life of one of the victims in that crime spree. He stumbled upon the man just moments after he had been shot.

When 33 year old Jeremy Hurt first saw the 23 year old man in the street near Telegraph and Baumgartner around midnight, he didn't realize the man had been shot in the chest. Jeremy, who is a tow truck driver, had the lights on his tow truck flashing because he was transporting a car. He blocked the lane where the man was with his truck and called 911. When jeremy got to the victim and realized he had been shot, he immediately called county police.

"Laying there, feet up on the curb, kind of rolling side to side a little bit, reaching at his shoulder, pulled his shirt up once and said hey I've been shot and that's when I really started freaking out." said Tow Truck Driver Jeremy Hurt.

Jeremy says he saw a Chrysler Sebring speed away from the scene as he pulled up. He didn't realize that was likely the suspects' car because the victim told him the attackers were in a Buick. Jeremy is just glad he pulled up when he did.

Two other people also stopped to help the victim. One of them also talked to the victim before emergency crews arrived.

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