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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TN Repo Man Is Run Over

Here's the story from News Channel 9:

When the repo man shows up at one woman's house Monday afternoon, she says, not so fast. Police say Tia Thomas intentionally hit the gas instead of the brakes, and the man repossessing her car, wound up underneath it.

Mike Phillips of Tow Co Recovery says he's had dealings with Thomas several times before. He called for back up and his father Gary responded.

As they were loading the Chevy Tahoe onto their repo truck, Thomas came to stop them. Thomas hopped into the truck, while it was several feet off the ground, and began trying to drive it off the lift.

Phillips showed us where they struggled over the steering wheel, and eventually, Thomas won out and took off. Phillips' father went after her on Tunnel Boulevard, and cornered her not far away. But when he tried to get her to handover the keys, police say Thomas ran him over. Mike Phillips watched his father get thrown onto the windshield and land on the ground.

Phillips went to the hospital with a concussion and broken ribs. His son spend most of the evening trying to track Tia Thomas down, and late Monday night he found her truck. Police arrested and charged Thomas with aggravated assault.

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