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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Close Call in NC

Christian Rufus of NC's Quality Towing was nearly killed on Monday while working to retrieve a vehicle on the side of the road. A driver lost control of his truck, which slammed into Rufus and two others. Sadly, one of man was killed. Rufus was injured and taken to a hospital. He is now recovering at home. Here's the FOX News Story:

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - The staff at Quality Towing can't get Monday morning's fatal crash at the Interstate 40/U.S. 311 interchange out of their heads.

One of Quality Towing's drivers, Christian Rufus, was about to pull a car and truck out of the mud on the side of the ramp when a truck lost control and slid into Rufus and two others. One man died at the scene, and emergency workers took Rufus and another man to area hospitals.

"Worse wreck I've ever been on. I've been towing seven years. It was pretty bad," said Chris Grubbs, a fellow tow truck driver who rushed to the scene when he heard about the accident.

"He is my best friend, more than a co-worker. We grew up together. We went to high school together," he said. "I was shook up at first. I didn't know the situation, but I am glad he is alright and sorry for the other folks that lost."

Grubbs said Rufus is now resting at home.

"I had another accident call an hour later. That other scene flashed in my head and probably will from now on," he said.

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