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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Former Driver Causes Headaches for OK Tow Company

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A fleet of heavy duty trucks sits outside Arrow Wrecker Service. The business is a mainstay in Oklahoma City for the past few decades. But now the owners say the reputation it has built over the years is being tarnished by a former employee.

"He kept a uniform and a cap, and has been going about town trying to borrow money and using Arrows name," says Mark Koss, the company's attorney.

Arrow Wrecker fired the driver last month. Since then they say he continues to pose as an employee showing up at businesses around the metro that work with the company. Employees tells us he asks for gas money and promises that the company will then pay them back.

"I just can't believe that someone number one, would loan him the money who doesn't really know him and number two somebody would be willing to use our good name to that benefit," says Danny Day, Arrow Wrecker Service.

Over the past three weeks, 20-30 businesses have called Arrow Wrecker about this former employee. In some cases, they're looking to be re-imbursed for the money they loaned him, not realizing he no longer works there. Arrow Wrecker is now trying to mend its relationship with some of those long-standing clients, hoping this scam won't effect business.

"We try and keep a good name, we want people to understand this is not something that we do," says Day.

The company contacted police about the problem Thursday afternoon.

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