Friday, July 24, 2009

Everyday Tow Hero In IL

Here's the Southtown Star story about J.R. Bramlett of Airline Towing of Calument Park, IL. This exceptional tow boss was featured in Towing & Recovery Footnotes' April issue on page 20. Click here to read the story!

J.R. Bramlett couldn't help but notice the two giant oak trees that had fallen on top of the Catholic Charities garage across 159th Street from the Oak Forest Hospital.

So he called the Rev. Wayne Wurst and inquired.

Wurst told Bramlett, owner of Airline Towing in Calumet Park, that the trees were knocked over four months ago during a storm and that he didn't have the $5,000 that was quoted to remove the trees.

Bramlett drove one of his massive tow trucks last week to the site and removed both trees, cutting everything up into firewood.

"Let's just say that was my donation to the church," Bramlett said. "There are five priests living in that residence and one of the cars inside the garage was a 1962 Chevy that I offered to buy on the spot."

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