Friday, July 31, 2009

A Chance To Help A Towing Entrepreneur

Some of you may have heard of a KIVA loan. Basically, it's person-to-person microlending, giving the working poor an alternative source of funding to start a business. Individuals lend as little as $25 to help someone. Read more about it at

I saw this today about a man named Michael who is need of a $3,000 loan for advertising his fledgling towing business in Atlanta, GA. Read more here.

Michael worked in the towing industry for three years before making the leap to entrepreneurship. As a young man, his ambitions began by leasing two tow trucks and creating contracts with car auction businesses.

Michael is requesting a loan to do more advertising. In the past he was successful at advertising his services to create contracts with car auction companies. His loan of $3,000 will help him create advertising to increase his sales.

He has plans to continue growing the business, to add staff, and develop long-term contracts with insurance agencies and local government bodies for towing services. He enjoys the freedom of owning his own business and strives every day to nurture its growth.

Important Information About This Loan
Kiva realizes that access to credit is a challenge for entrepreneurs everywhere. Kiva started out as a website focused on developing-world entrepreneurs. In June 2009, Kiva began experimenting with allowing entrepreneurs in the United States to raise money on its website. If this is something you support, please feel free to fund this loan. If you have questions, including how an entrepreneur in your neighborhood might get a loan, please visit our Help Center and click on "Loans in the United States."

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