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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

VA Towing Company Employees Indicted

Here's the Washington Post brief:

Towing Company Employees Indicted

Two employees of a towing company in Prince William County who allegedly overbilled thousands of drivers after removing cars and trucks from private property were indicted by a grand jury Monday, prosecutors said.

Andrew Manson, 34, and Stacey Fulker, 30, both of Woodbridge, were indicted on charges of obtaining money by false pretenses, extortion and racketeering for their work with Dominion Wrecker Service. Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jerrold J. Negin said the company did not follow county regulations for towing charges and collected $50 to $300 more than it was entitled to in as many as 6,000 cases last year alone.

Negin said the company's extra charges netted it about $300,000 in ill-gotten profits. Authorities learned of the problem when customers complained, but, Negin said, "most people, unfortunately, just paid the fees."

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