Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TRAA Will Fly You Anywhere In The U.S.

TRAA is sponsoring a contest for towers to sign up as many regular members as they can before July 1st, 2009. The person recruiting the highest number of new members will receive two free airline roundtrip tickets anywhere in the U.S. The winner will also be featured in the National Towing News as the winner of the 2009 "Find and Fly Membership Drive." Ask those you refer to list your name on the application so that you will receive credit for the referral. Membership applications can be found on the TRAA web site To have an application faxed, contact Juanita Martin at 800-728-0136 or at

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Anonymous said...


If they really want to garner some interest maybe they should try creating some training programs that actually train you on how to operate a tow truck safely.

The AAA equivalent of the association side of our industry.