Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RI Launches Public Awareness Campaign On "Move Over" Law


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - Officials say many Rhode Islanders still don't know you're supposed to move over and change lanes or slow down when passing emergency or road crews, police or tow truck drivers.

Representatives from the Rhode Island State Police , RIDOT and AAA Southern New England held a news conference Tuesday morning to launch a public awareness campaign of the "move over" law. The DOT's highway message boards and 1630 AM highway advisory radio station are now transmitting the SLOW DOWN, MOVE OVER message and information about the new law. Radio commercials about the new law are also airing statewide.

AAA says dozens of police officers, firefighters, tow truck drivers and construction workers are hurt every year when they are hit by passing motorists.

"It is remarkable to me," said Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman, "that when we count our honor roll every year across the country of officers we have lost, more officers are lost from traffic accidents every year than the violence of a gun."

The "move over" law took effect in the Ocean State August 1, 2008, but many motorists still aren't familiar with it, according to a news release.

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