Monday, March 16, 2009

Now That's A Load of Bull!

Here's the story from Canda's Calgary Herald:

REGINA — Two thousand pounds of angry bovine kicked up a fuss in Regina on Friday, escaping his handlers, wandering through traffic and even knocking off someone’s prosthetic arm.

The hubbub began around 12:30 p.m. local time when a bull was being moved from a cattle trailer into the barns for the Regina Bull Sale.

But, the two-year-old bull, named Linton 52T, had other plans. He broke loose and fled through the parking lot.

Police officers stampeded to the scene, and joined Linton’s owner and others in trying to direct the angry animal out of noon-hour traffic.

As the bull ran down the street it knocked over a bystander, detaching the person’s prosthetic arm. The person did not appear to be injured.

The bull got on another street and travelled about 10 blocks before being corralled into a snowy area, where he was tied to a tree and given a sedative.

Tow truck driver Jared Perrault said he thought he’d misheard the dispatch until he pulled up to the strange scene.

“You guys weren’t kidding,” he then told his dispatchers. “I’ve got to put a bull in a trailer.”

The tow truck cable was then attached to the bull’s halter, and the animal was winched slowly toward the street.

Finally, about 45 minutes after his escape, Linton was back in his trailer, where he stood glaring out toward the street.

“He was going to the Regina Bull Sale, but he’s not going there. He’s going home,” his owner said. “He’s just got an attitude today, and no one wants that kind of attitude.”

Regina Leader-Post

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