Monday, March 9, 2009

As If The Chicago PD Needed This...

Here's the Southtown Star story:

Two Chicago cops have been disciplined, one for secretly boosting the number of his arrests and citations in the department’s database and a second for shoving a Lincoln Towing employee during a dispute over a towed car, according to documents.

Fifteen-year officer John Dellorto was fired for using other officers’ computer log-on information to increase the number of his arrests, citations and awards, according to the Chicago Police Board.

A commander found the discrepancy after reviewing district arrests and finding that Dellorto -- assigned to the lockup -- had an increase in arrests, according to transcripts from his hearing.

Tom Needham, Dellorto’s attorney, said no police cases were jeopardized, no member of the public was hurt, and the officer apologized after accepting he’d made a “terrible and foolish mistake,” according to the transcripts. Dellorto had 38 honorable mentions with the department.

In the second case, 10-year officer Linda Brumfield -- who has filed a non-related federal suit against the city over her treatment in the department -- was suspended for six months after she was found guilty of several charges, including shoving a Lincoln Towing employee in a July 2007 dispute over towing fees.

Brumfield, who has 20 honorable mentions, acknowledges she got into the dispute, but said towing employees taunted her, and the department retaliated against her because of the lawsuit.

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