Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updated Information from the MN Professional Towing Association

Last Thursday, I posted some important information from the MN Professional Towing Association about legislation concerning the release of items inside of an impounded vehicle without the owner having to actually pick up the vehicle.

Here's an update sent from Jeff Schoenborn of Chief's Towing:
more to the story, The state did pass this bill however with some changes that I think all towers can live with. Now before somebody can take all there property without paying there bill they must show proove they are not able to pay for it. (see below)

24.9168B.051, a registered owner who provides documentation from a government or
24.10nonprofit agency or legal aid office that the registered owner is homeless, receives relief
24.11based on need, is eligible for legal aid services, or has a household income at or below 50
24.12percent of state median income has the unencumbered right to retrieve any and all contents
24.13without charge and regardless of whether the registered owner pays incurred charges or
24.14fees, transfers title, or reclaims the vehicle.

I think we can live with this. We do have hearts and some people fall on hard times and the majority of the people wont fall into this category.
GREAT WORK by Virg Siewart Siewarts Garage Red Wing, MN and the rest of the MPTA along with those who made the effort to be heard. Now it's time to tackle other problems ***FUEL PRICES***
Jeff Schoenborn Chief's Towing

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Anonymous said...

We won't have to worry about giving people back their personal property any more after the Supreme Court ruling that tells Police that they can let the people to arrange for their own tows and the cease of impounding and towing cars. I think someone should have been looking into this because now the other seems almost stupid because we are not even impounding cars anymore and I bet a lot of Tow Companies will be out of business. What are we as the Tow Companies going to do about this????