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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Carjacking victim must pay own towing fee

In a terrible incident, Al Adams was carjacked, shot and left to die by two customers he had picked up in his limousine. Luckily, he has survived. His limo was towed and stored at the request of the Austin, TX police department as evidence.

Here's an excerpt from the story:

"The original tow as well as the storage fee after we're done evidence wise - that's something the owner has to take care of on their own," Mason( APD Det. James Mason) said.

But Adams was in the hospital, and every day the limo was at the impound lot would cost him. That got Mike Bradburn, with the city's ground transportation regulations, to thinking.

"I got to thinking about his limo sitting there in impound," Bradburn said. "I just knew from past experience the fees would rack up. I made some calls and found out it was at Southside Towing, and it was already up to $443 in a day."

Bradburn sent out an e-mail to all the limousine companies in the area. An anonymous donor paid the bill and helped Adams get his limo back.

Bradburn said it is a little-known fact that once your cars been stolen or in a fatal accident could end up costing you much more than you think when you add in towing and storage fees.

We couldn't reach anyone with Southside Wrecker Inc. to comment. Adams is back at home recovering but didn't feel up to an interview.

Truly an unfortunate incident, but how should the towing company be reimbursed for their work?

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