Friday, October 26, 2007

Jerr-Dan Continues to Offer towPartner Memberships

Jerr-Dan will once again provide towPartner basic memberships to the entire towing and recovery industry in 2008.

According to the press release:
towPartners will provide these Basic Members a large number of cost savings benefits including quality programs from trusted brands such as Aramark, Sprint Nextel, Office Depot, Dell, Aircharge, T-Chek and more. With a current offering from well over thirty Supplier Partner companies and more being added regularly, towPartners is uniquely positioned to save the towing industry more money than ever. In 2007, towPartners expects to save its members well over seven million dollars and Jerr-Dan’s provision of these memberships in 2008 promises to save the industry millions of additional dollars.
To learn more about towParnters, visit and check out the Towing & Recovery Footnotes' profile of towPartners' vice-president Jeffrey Godwin in the first section of our October issue on page 14.

SIDENOTE: towParnters has also announced that, its online road service provider tool, has exceeded 22,000 listed companies from across the United States. Over 500 offer customers a 10% discount for going through towSearch. Read the whole press release here and check out towSearch here.

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