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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Editor’s Best Picks

Doggone Nice - Kudos to New Jersey tow truck driver Pete Riffell who discovered a female Chihuahua named Bandit inside the cab of a 2006 Peterbilt tractor with flatbed trailer after it was towed from the scene of an accident.

Bandit’s owner, Dale Hunter of Oklahoma, had suffered a mild stroke while en route to his delivery point. Hunter was able to bring his truck to a stop on the shoulder of the roadway after colliding with some construction barriers and was transported to a local hospital. At the time of the article, Hunter was recovering well.

Police overlooked the small dog, which remained in the cab until Riffell found her. Riffell contacted state police and was asked to keep Bandit until Hunter or his family could retrieve her. Bandit will join Riffell’s two dogs, a German shepherd and a border collie, at Riffell’s Sussex County home.

- Condensed from a story by Tehani Schneider in the Daily Record on 7/11/07. Read the article here.

Everyday Hero – Canadian tow truck driver Peter Campbell was credited for saving the life of a nine-year old girl on Friday, July 6. The girl was traveling with her father and younger sister when their 2006 Mazda pickup truck went off the road, ending upside down in a swamp.

Campbell came upon the scene minutes later. He was able to retrieve the vehicle, crack the windshield and rescue the older girl. Sadly, the girl’s father and sister did not survive the accident.

-Condensed from a story by Laura Fraser in The ChronicleHerald on 7/9/07. Read the article here.

Movin’ It Over In MS – Cheers to Mississippi governor Haley Barbour whose signature recently put into effect the state’s Move Over law. Effective July 1, motorists are required to keep a safe distance and slow speeds when emergency vehicles are stopped on the roadside with lights flashing. The regulation covers tow trucks, in addition to police, highway maintenance vehicles and other emergency personnel.

-Condensed from a story at Truck Driver Industry News on 6/28/07. Read the article here.

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