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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best Wishes on a Speedy Recovery...

...go to Jerry Splawn, a Texas tow truck driver, who was shot six times while towing a car from a Dallas apartment complex. According to a report by NBC 5 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, the young husband and father has been released from the hospital nearly three weeks after the incident. Though the shooters are still at large, Splawn was able to take some pictures of the people before driving himself to an emergency room. He was on life support for several days, still has one of the bullets lodged in his body, and is on bed rest for the next month. Read the story here.

...also go to the unnamed tow truck driver in New York whose truck was engulfed in an explosion of steam pipe in mid-Manhattan on Wednesday, July 18. According to the New York Times story, the scalding blast flipped the red tow truck. It landed in the 35' by 40' crater in the pavement. See pictures of the truck and read the story here.

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