Monday, June 6, 2011

Footnotes' Digital Edition for June Now Available!

Your June 2011 digital edition of Towing and Recovery Footnotes is now available. Simply click here to instantly begin reading the issue, or click on the features below to read specific articles.
  • Ethics Issues. Honesty, openness, quality work, a problem-solving attitude, and customer care and service are key to success in every business, and especially in towing and recovery, an industry still plagued by poor image issues mostly due to bad apples who steal towers' business and cheat customers. Here's a reminder that earning a reputation for ethical behavior can make all the difference in a tough business.Page 1
  • Ms. Fix-It. After earning her chops working for others in auto maintenance and repair, Pam Oakes started her own Florida auto repair business and made it a success and an award-winner. Now she's written a helpful guidebook for consumers called Car Care For The Clueless.Page 11
  • What's Your Sign? Having an attention-getting logo and eye-catching truck art is part of good marketing, but it is also important to know your state and community rules for sign size and wording, particularly if you are in private property towing. Here are tips for towers on smart signage.Page 5
  • The Advisor. The towPartners Advisor appears monthly in Footnotes. Advisor features advice in all areas of towing, from technical details to business operations. towPartners also offers towers the opportunity for great discounts from many equipment and service vendors. Page 13
Also in this issue: A look at some progress for Move Over lawsaround the nation; the latest in new equipment from Miller Industries; the schedule of upcoming tow shows and education, such as Wes Wilburn's training schedule; and much more. Also, we offer greatcombo print/online advertising deals that will increase product visibility at a savings over the usual ad rates.
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June 2011 Issue:
We hope you enjoy the June issue of Towing & Recovery Footnotes..
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