Monday, November 22, 2010

TomTom & Tracker Management Announce Partnership

Here's the press release:

TomTom and Tracker Management Systems are partnering to help towing fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase control of drivers and equipment.  The integration of TomTom WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions and Tracker Management Systems’ dispatch software enables live driver location updates and more accurate arrival time estimates for the towing industry.
 TomTom WORKsmart fleet management solutions integrate navigation, dispatch and tracking through a combination of industry-leading hardware, software and maps.  Tracker Management Systems provides leading edge software, computer and wireless communication systems technology to fleet industry business owners, primarily engaged in towing and recovery.
 “TomTom and Tracker Management are solving the perennial problem for towing companies of matching customers to the closest drivers and getting those trucks routed quickly to the right locations,” said Michael Geffroy , vice president, TomTom Business Solutions. 
 “Tracker not only provides the customer with an accurate arrival time, but we can also provide an update if anything changes while the driver is en route,” said Jim Weaver, president, Tracker Management Systems.  "Tracker picks that up from the TomTom navigation data and automatically sends a recorded phone message to the customer if the driver is going to miss the promised arrival time.” 
 “Before we bought our TomTom/Tracker system, we had to call our drivers to find out where they were,” said Joey Ross, owner, Joey Ross Towing.  “Now when a customer calls, their information is plugged into the Tracker system, which shows us where the closest driver is.  Tracker then sends the location to that driver’s TomTom device, so it can navigate him right to the customer.  TomTom and Tracker have improved our response times and cut our fuel costs by 15%.”
About TomTom N.V.
TomTom N.V. (aex:TOM2) is the world's leading provider of location and navigation solutions. Headquartered in The Netherlands, it employs over 3,000 employees worldwide. Over 45 million people daily use its solutions, be it in the form of dedicated portable navigation devices (PNDs), in-dash car systems or tracking and tracing solutions for fleet management. In addition, hundreds of millions of people use TomTom's digital maps on the internet or mobile phone.
 In 2009, TomTom reported EUR1.5 billion in revenues and a EUR340 million net cash flow from operating activities. More information about TomTom can be found on
 For the world's most up-to-date route planner, including LIVE traffic information visit:
 TomTom Business Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management solutions and recognised as the fastest growing Telematics Service Provider (TSP) for commercial fleets in Europe . TomTom Business Solutions is fully dedicated to commercial vehicle fleets and has been operating under the TomTom WORK brand for the past 5 years. TomTom Business Solutions’ WORKsmart fleet management solutions integrate navigation, dispatch and tracking through a combination of industry-leading hardware, software and maps.
 About Tracker Management Systems, Inc. 
Based in Cleveland , Ohio , Tracker is a privately held company that provides software solutions, hardware, training, consulting and helpdesk as well as GPS and location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management. Its industry-leading Tracker 2000 Version 9.5 solution combines office automation, wireless, positioning and industry knowledge in an enterprise-based solution that is Internet-enabled into a fully-integrated network solution that can be owned or leased. For more information, please visit the company Web site at or call 1-800-445-2438. 

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