Friday, September 17, 2010

TX Scam Alert

Posted by Southwest Tow Operators:
This is another letter Many Towers in Texas have received in their accounts. Please look at the format of this email and recognize it if it is sent to you. There are others that are very similar to this one in circulation. 
Please do not respond to or contact these folks, they will only target you further.

Jess Horton
Executive Director
Southwest Tow Operators

Hello Owner/Manager,
   i am contacting you as a towing company, my name is Joseph Lami, i should have called you but i am hearing impaired that is why i am contacting you via email.

I want to tow some vehicles precisely 6 cars   which i am sending in from North Carolina by air and in need your services for this so that i can have my shipper send them from NC to the nearest airport to you.

also i want you to know that they are all Honda Accord 07, 3 black and 3 wine colour, so you are to store the vehicles for 3 days also i want you to know that i will be paying  with my credit card i will have you run my card for the approximate costs  which i need you to give me then i make up the balance when i come to finally pick up after three days from ur location so i will be very happy if you can get back to me with the name of closest airport to your location..and the total cost to tow six vehicle and store them for 3 days.

So please get back to me as soon as possible. Tha

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Anonymous said...

They have been doing this in Ma for the past six months. Same BS have 4 to 6 cars :flown into Boston from NC need picked up $500.00 per car just pay a small handling fee" Who would "fly" cars in the first place.
Andy's Towing Pembroke Ma