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Monday, August 18, 2008

CA Deputy Sheriff Charged With Threatening Tow Truck Driver

Here's the KPSP Local 2 News story:

A San Bernardino County Sheriffs Deputy has been arrested in Indio for allegedly terrorizing and threatening the life of a tow truck driver.

In an arrest decalration obtained exclusively by KPSP Local 2, a California Highway Patrol Officer indicates that on August 10th, San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff Richard Heverly pulled up next to a tow-truck that had responded to a fully engulfed big-rig fire off Interstate 10 near Eagle Mountain. Heverly approached the tow truck driver flashed his badge at him and said "This entitles me to do what ever the f*** I want. The deputy yelled at the driver and grabbed his cell phone disconnecting his call. He then handcuffed the driver, puncturing his hand. Allegedly he then placed his semi-automatic handgun in the driver's ear and threatened to kill him. The tow truck driver suffered cuts and bruises from the weapon. The CHP officer indicates that Heverly refused to allow the man to leave for a full five minutes

The deputy has been charged with four felonies, all qualifying as strikes under California law, including assault with a deadly weapon and terrorist threats. He was released $150,000 dollars bail. The Deputies arraignment is set for August 20th, according to the Riverside County Courts Website.

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