Friday, July 25, 2008

Everyday Towing Hero in TX

Kudos! From a KFDM News Report:

A storm that parked itself over Vidor flooded the FM 105 underpass at Interstate 10 Thursday afternoon.

A couple of tow truck drivers rescued a woman from the flooding water.

Police blocked the intersection at FM 105 and Interstate 10 in Vidor, but a wrecker driver says a woman went around the police car and didn't get very far.

"Somebody's in need. That's what we're supposed to do, you know, regardless of what it is," said Joey Foux.

Joey Foux with Ray's Towing came to the rescue. He plunged into four feet of water and pushed the car out of the flooded water at I-10 and Main in Vidor.

What were you thinking when you saw her car go closer and closer to deeper water? That I can't believe they done it, they do it every time it floods," said Foux.

On the other side of the underpass, the driver of another four door car tried to get through the water and stalled.

None of the drivers was hurt, and at least one can thank Joey Foux.

He says every time it floods, he gets the opportunity to play in the rain and act like a big kid, and sometimes, even rescue drivers.

"Where else can you run around in shorts and tennis shoes and swim and get wet and play, and you know, flash your lights everywhere," said Foux.

And drive away unharmed, like the drivers he helps. "You gotta love what you're doing. To me, this is fun" said Foux.

We checked just before newstime, and the Interstate 10 underpass at FM 105 in Vidor is open.

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