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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kudos to WI Senator Bob Jauch

In a letter to The Daily Telegram, Jauch notes that he has sponsored a new bill to incorporate Move Over Law education in accredited driving programs. The excerpt is below. Read the whole letter here.

As of December 2001, a new law in Wisconsin requires motorists to shift lanes, where possible, to give stopped emergency vehicles or tow trucks a safe zone in which to work. Another component of this law is that drivers are required to slow down and use caution when approaching the stopped vehicle if there is only one lane of traffic in which to travel. The penalties for violating this law include a suspended driver’s license and fines up to $300.

To increase driver understanding of the law, a bill that I co-sponsored this session adds a requirement to all accredited driver’s education programs. Driver’s education programs must now include instruction relating to passing stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks and highway machinery equipment. This legislation passed both houses and became law this winter. It is our responsibility as driving citizens to watch out for the safety of those providing services close to highway traffic.

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