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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fruit Salad and Loose Change

Some clean up scenarios that wrecker companies have had to deal with lately:

When the driver of a fruit-filled tractor trailer swerved to avoid a deer, the load ended up all over the road in Charlottesville, VA.
Favorite quote: “I think [the load] consists of grapes, honeydew melon, bananas, cantaloupe and pineapples, but it’s all fruit salad now,” said Larry Sipe, of Charlottesville Wrecker Service, as he helped a crew of day laborers clear the road."
Read the whole story here.

And a truckload of newly-minted 2010 coins dumped in Canada. Read the whole story here.
Most intriguing word of the day: numismatist. Used here: Towing crews and police were still at the crash scene Friday afternoon, after a long night guarding the precious cargo from potential looters or unscrupulous numismatists.
According to, a numismatist is someone who specializes in collecting numismatic items, especially coins.

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