Saturday, January 26, 2008

Job Well Done!

Kudos to a Mt. Washington, PA tow truck crew who kept an SUV from rolling over after it slid on some ice. Read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story below.

Mt. Washington tow truck crew prevents SUV from tipping over

By The Tribune-Review
Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Mt. Washington tow truck crew prevented a sport utility vehicle with three passengers -- including a baby -- from rolling onto its roof Friday when they ran to the tipping vehicle and held it upright, Pittsburgh police said.

The SUV drove down Greenleaf Street, above the West End Circle, about noon and slid on ice, skidding past police and crews that were removing two cars from a previous minor crash, police said.

The SUV slid into a hillside at the bottom of Greenleaf and nearly tipped onto its roof before the crew members from MRS Towing ran to it and held it up by pushing against it. They then backed the tow truck into the vehicle to keep it upright. There were no injuries.

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